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Advanced Medical Technology Development · Medical Institution Support DENDRIX



Advanced Medical Technology Development · Medical Institution Support

Provision of Immune Cell Culture for Treatment Against Malignant Tumors

Dendrix Inc. offers services including training and supervision of medical institutions and their doctors for cell culture and processing.
We also assist our partnering institutions in cell culture and processing. The service includes culturing of lymphocyte from peripheral blood and processing dendritic cells.

Cell Processing Center | CPC

We provide processed cells with high technology and safety.

  • Cleanness of CPC: class 10,000 (class 100, ISO class 5 in the safety cabinets).
  • Full-time computer management and the record.
  • Double checking system of culturing cells.
  • Safety check up of endotoxin and mycoplasma.

We aim at the best and the latest. -Continuation of basic research-

  • We consider that basic research is essential.
  • Our Science team who provided immune cell-therapy for the first time in private enterprise in the world supplies the immune cell- therapy of the highest level to patients with safety.
  • 細胞加工施設イメージ
  • 細胞加工施設イメージ
  • 細胞加工施設イメージ


  • 『悪性新生物』河出書房新社
  • 『医者の言いなりにならない「がん患者学」』講談社
  • 『がんを生き抜く』すばる舎
  • 『進行がんを眠らせる』河出書房新社