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Advanced Medical Technology Development · Medical Institution Support DENDRIX

DC Vaccine Therapy (Th1 activation-type)

DC Vaccine Therapy (Th1 activation-type)

Dendritic cells (DCs) are a type of antigen-presenting cells that play an important role in adaptive immune system. Their main function is to process antigen material (cancer in this case) and present to the T cells of the immune system. With implementation of dendritic cells, DC Vaccine therapy proliferates cancer killing cells (CTL – Cytotoxic T Cell) to target a specific type of cancer.

DC (Dendritic Cells) Vaccine Therapy is a widely known type of Immune Cell Therapy for tumors.
They are the only antigen- presenting cells for T-Lymphocytes.

Types of DC Vaccine Therapy are;

  1. Tumor resection by surgery
  2. Synthesized peptides (conjunctions of several to dozens of amino acids)
  3. Directly injected into the tumor. (immature DCs)

In connection to 1) and 2) DC Vaccine Therapy types, DCs are isolated from peripheral blood of patient. They are then cultivated outside the patient’s body with proteins extracted from tumor lysate or synthesized peptides. This process enables DCs to present antigens.
Through this process DCs are educated to present target specified (tumor cells) antigen outside of the patient’s body. However, DCs do not attack tumor by themselves, but present certain target on their surface to T-Lymphocytes, which will be induced to attack the tumor. Therefore, the cultivated DCs will efficiently induce as many lymphocytes as possible inside of his body after DC Vaccine Therapy.

Adding our new technology

Unlike the traditional antigen presenting cell processing method which targets non-specific antigen, our new technology activates cancer specific Th1 cells (CD4+cells). As a result, this treatment not only enforces activation of cancer killing cells but also eliminates immunosuppression caused by the cancer cells.