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Advanced Medical Technology Development · Medical Institution Support DENDRIX



Immune cell therapy such as activated autologous lymphocyte therapy has been receiving increasing recognition over the course of last decade, playing a vital role in the fields of cancer treatments.
The direction of cancer treatments is heading towards where it should be – where patients and cancer coexist.
Coexistence of the patient and cancer means achieving the patient’s a long-term immutability of cancer while  sustaining their high quality of life.

This is what many patients have been prolonging for.
Many are also aware that immune cell therapy, which utilizes their own immune systems, is the key to their long-term immutability of cancer.
The fact that newly developed medicines for cancer are based on the immune system supports the theory that the immune cell therapy is absolutely essential for today’s cancer treatments.
Japan is one of the leading countries that possess technologies for culturing and processing immune cells.
Furthermore, Japan has been, to date, the only country for conducting a large number of clinical studies for immune cell therapy.
Dendrix established a state of art cell processing facility in 2014 and its science team has the world leading technology in immune cell therapy.
With our latest technology and a state of art facility, we developed a business model that enabled us to offer our technology and clinical achievements to the world.

Along with the IPS cells, which are drawing the world’s attention as the next generation’s leading bio-technology development project, cultivation and process of immune cells have been newly classified as the class 3 regenerative medicine by Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.Our business model is derived from the biggest business trend and is expected to expand rapidly.

Tumor immunology is progressing remarkably and we believe that it is our mission to offer our new technology to general public as well as to medical front line.