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About Immune Cell Therapy | World’s Top Class Cell Culture Technology

We are moving forward to the core of cancer treatment

Surgery, radiation therapy, and chemical (chemo) therapy are known as the three most conventional treatments. Although these conventional treatments are evolving with continued study and research, the journey of treatment as well as its side effects are not always easy to cope. Immune cell therapy is being increasingly perceived as the fourth radical treatment of conventional treatments.

It is said that even a healthy person has cancer cells travelling around his body at all times. Our immune cells can usually attack cancer cells, preventing them to grow malignant. However, when the balance between cancer and immune cells collapse for various reasons, cancer cells grow into a disease.

Immune cell therapy is a cancer treatment in which immune cells are cultured artificially and activated to suppress cancer cells.

Immune cells from a patient’s own blood sample is isolated and cultured to immensely increased numbers. Their immune activities are strengthened which are then injected back to the patient’s body. This is a treatment method that promotes the ‘Power of Self Healing’.

Since the treatment utilizes a patient’s own cells, there is no risk of side effects except for rare cases of fever or allergic reactions. Consequently, patients can sustain higher quality of life while undergoing the treatment.

A synergetic effect can be expected when immune cell therapy is combined with anti cancer drugs or/and radiation therapy. Based on the data from clinical trials, it is proven that this therapy is effective in preventing cancer recurrence for post surgery patients.
The therapy is also effective for prevention of cancer development in health people as it strengthens one’s immunity.

※ Immunity refers to a defend system which attacks and eliminates abnormal cells or defects in our body. For an instance, when microorganism (= pathogen) which causes virus or bacteria infection enters our body, our body recognises the harmful organism and attacks it.

Types of Immune cell therapies by Dendrix

Cancer immune cell therapy is the lasted and most advanced treatment with its basis on cell engineering and molecular immunology. Human blood contains many different types of immune cells all of which play different roles.
Each cancer cell too, is as unique as human faces and for this reason, immune cell therapy offers personalized treatment suited for different individuals.
Cancer immune cell therapy is divided into two most distinctive types: activated autologous lymphocyte therapy (αβT- cell therapy = CD3-LAK therapy or NK cell therapy) and Dendritic cell vaccine therapy.
Activated Killer T cells and Dedritic Cells Therapy (AKT-DC) is a treatment that combines these two therapies. This ground-breaking therapy is emperically proven to be effective on prevention of cancer recurrences.

Activated Autologous Lymphocyte Therapy

Lymphocytes (a type of immune cells which inhibit cancer cells) from a patient’s blood are collected, activated and proliferated.

DC Vaccine Therapy (Th1 activation-type)

Dendritic cells (DCs) are a type of antigen-presenting cells that play an important role in adaptive immune system.

AKT-DC (Activated Killer T-cells and dendritic cells)

It induces CTL’s activation by culturing autologous draining lymph nodes from cancer tissue which is obtained during surgery.